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2020 Lynk & Co 01 ($28,000)

In terms of power, Lynk&Co 01 Global Vehicle offers three options of high and low power 2.0T and 1.5T hybrids. Among them, the 2.0T low-power model is equipped with a Drive-E 2.0TD T4 turbocharged engine with a maximum power of 218 horsepower and a maximum torque of 325 N·m; the 2.0T high-power model is equipped with a Drive-E 2.0TD T5 turbocharged engine, The maximum power is 254 horsepower and the maximum torque is 350 N·m. It is matched with Aisin 8-speed automatic transmission.

   Hybrid model is composed of Drive-E 1.5TD turbocharged engine + electric motor, matched with 7 DCT-H wet dual-clutch gearbox, combined fuel consumption is as low as 1.4L/100km, pure electric cruising range can reach up to 81km.

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