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GreatWall Motor’s WEY Mocha flagship SUV

4,875mm long, 1,960mm wide and 1,690 tall, larger than that of the WEY VV7. Its wheelbase spans 2,915mm, versus 2,950mm for the VV7.

The Mocha is likely to come in both fuel-burning and plug-in hybrid versions. The oil-fuel one is powered by an E20N 2.0T engine that pumps out up to 157kW and uses the Miller cycle to deliver a thermal efficiency of over 38%. The PHEV version will get power through the combined efforts of an E20N 2.0T engine and an electric motor.

WEY brand sold 78,500 new vehicles through 2020, a year-on-year decrease of 21.53%. Last year, it became the first Chinese luxury SUV brand that hit the 400,000-unit sales milestone.

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