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21 thoughts on “[2020.06.15] China India Galwan clash

  1. People’s Liberation Army officially released Galwan Valley skirmish on 15 Jun 2020, 20 Indian troops were killed while trespassing into Chinese territory, and PLA suffered 4 casualties.

    • 但在6月15日,印军越线,暴力攻击解放军交涉官兵——从中国公布的视频看,应是团长祁发宝、营长陈红军等人——导致两军近600人混战。据称,期间印军有3人被直接打死,包括一名上校营长,17人后不治身亡,另24人重伤,110人轻伤。解放军俘虏印军约50人,含1中校3少校,后分两批放回。

      • On June 15, the Indian army crossed the line and violently attacked the officers and soldiers of the People’s Liberation Army negotiating-according to the video released by China, it should be the regimental commander Qi Fabao, the battalion commander Chen Hongjun and others-leading to a melee between the two armies. It is said that during this period, 3 people in the Indian army were directly killed, including a colonel, battalion commander, 17 died later, another 24 were seriously injured and 110 were slightly injured. The People’s Liberation Army captured about 50 Indian soldiers, including 1 lieutenant colonel and 3 majors, who were released in two batches.

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