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6 thoughts on “[Mongolia] Mongolians harbor intense hatred toward China

  1. Saving a face is important in Mongolian culture . Mongolians does not want to show their negative side to foreigners . That is why other 2 answers denied hate .

    Also Mongolia was socialist country during 1921–1990 . In socialism , government controls media and denies all negative things .

    Not all Mongolians hate han Chinese , but most of them do . I am Mongolian and wears glasses . I was attacked by drunk Mongolians who called me Hujaa (offensive word for Chinese ) . Because lots of Mongolians thinks men who wear glass looks similiar to han Chinese .

    If Mongolian says any good thing about China , they attacked from other Mongolians , such as , you have Chinese blood , go to China and dont comeback e.t.c .

    Quora user Bulgan Naiman attacked me for writing truth about Mongolian attitude toward Chinese .

    Here is a youtube video that Mongolian rappers wants to kill Chinese . Hujaa-offensive word against Chinese .


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