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Peasant workers make average $700 in China

2021 data:

官方报告2.85亿农民工月均4072元 (1 USD = 6.5 Chinese Yuan) = about $700/month

2.85亿农民工: China currently has about 300 million peasant workers from rural area working in cities.

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  1. 中国国家统计局30日发布报告指出,2020年全国农民工总计2亿8560万人,月均收入人民币4072元。


    The National Bureau of Statistics of China issued a report on the 30th, pointing out that in 2020, there will be a total of 285.6 million migrant workers across the country, with an average monthly income of 4,072 yuan.

    According to China’s official definition, migrant workers refer to workers whose household registration is still in the countryside, who are engaged in non-agricultural industries or have gone out to work for 6 months or more during the year. They are the grassroots labor force in China.


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